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   Why Lease? 

Would you like to save as much as $500 per month on your car payment?  The funeral business is changing.  How do you stay competitive and increase your revenue streams?  How can you improve your image?  How can you justify a new hearse while cremation rates are rising?  Leasing has become an increasingly popular way for businesses to acquire the equipment necessary to operate and grow a business.  A funeral home without a hearse is a farm without a tractor.  Eighty percent of U.S. companies lease some or all of their equipment.  Why?  Because leasing provides the flexibility to respond quickly to business growth and change.  Successful businesses need to make money now.  With leasing you will always have a current hearse with full warranties.  With leasing, you get more and pay less. 
Purchasing Power
Leasing allows you to acquire more and/or higher end equipment with existing warranties.
Leasing provides flexibility to add or upgrade your equipment and respond quickly to industry changes.
 Quick & Easy
Your one-page lease application will be expediently reviewed and evaluated
Customized Solutions
Customized leases are designed to match your requirements, budget considerations and tax objectives.
Tax Advantages
Lease payments may be tax deductible.
 Pay as You Use It
With leasing, you pay for the equipment out of future profit, not working capital.
Improve Your Cash Flow
Predetermined payments enable you to prepare more accurate budgets and forecasts.
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